Scrumptious Leftover Ham Recipes

leftover ham recipes

During Christmas, everyone is in a celebratory mood. That means more food for your friends and family. At the end of the day, you’ll wind up with a fridge full of leftover ham.

Fear not! There are plenty of ways to deal with that Christmas Turkey and ham. You see, it’s a way of saving money on food. Apart from this, it’s also a time for getting creative in the kitchen. You’d be surprised how delicious and nutritious food you can make out of ham.

You can play around with leftovers in a variety of ways. Find leftover ham recipes that use food leftovers in a slightly different way from the first time you ate that particular food. The reason why you bet with sticking to this formula is because you want to feel like you’re taking a whole new meal instead of a rehashed Christmas meal.

Leftover ham recipes tips: ways to get creative with Christmas leftover

Ham and fried rice

Ham and fried rice is a very simple stir fry meal that you will always find yourself wanting to prepare when trying to make use of Christmas leftover. This meal is versatile. It works well with ham, chicken, shrimp and veggies leftovers.

Ham & Bacon Quiche

This meal is fully loaded will all kinds of delicious treats. These include ham, mushroom, bacon, cheese and cream. When preparing this meal, you can use refrigerated pie crust which will bring preparation time to 20 minutes only.

It’s a versatile meal and can be tried with just about all kinds of leftover ham recipes.

Ham with veggies soup

Find leftover ham recipes that include vegetable soup, and then make a hearty meal using ham, bacon and a variety of vegetables.

To prepare ham with vegetable soup, let the soup simmer for 30 minutes, then warm up crusty bread to make a tasty salad.

Other creative ways to make use of leftover ham


Using leftover ham, add some fresh veggies and prepare a crust for a delicious potpie. You can add piecrust or crescent rolls for quick toppings.

Meat pies

You can freeze leftover ham to make meat pies or pasta dishes. To get even more creative, add some canned beans into your leftover ham just before baking time.

Breakfast meals

Ham does wonders for any kind of breakfast scramble, quiches or casseroles. There are dozens of leftover ham recipes out there to try out for your breakfast treats.

Do not throw away leftover ham because you can use some creativity to prepare a wonderful meal out of it. Go ahead, try it this coming holiday season!

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