Best Food Places To Explore in Branson, Missouri

best restaurants in branson

Your trip to Branson, MO, will not be complete without trying out their best restaurants. There are plentiful places to dine with your family and friends. Two of the most-visited spots in this city are Historic Downtown Branson and Silver Dollar City. These are the most memorable places during our travel as well.

If you also plan to visit, let me recommend a few of the best dining places in Branson, MO.

Historic Downtown Branson’s Best Restaurants

Branson Cafe

The oldest and historic cafe in Branson, MO, is the Branson Cafe. You can’t leave the city without dropping by. The menu changed over the decades, but they still serve the same traditional cuisines that locals and visitors love.

Clockers Cafe

What can I say? I get drawn to nostalgic places. The Clockers Cafe is also a homey restaurant that serves all-day breakfast meals. All the favorites are here. Taste their fresh pies and cobblers, because they serve the best ones in town.

Farmhouse Restaurant

The Farmhouse Restaurant is family owned and operated with dishes served in a real country kitchen. Such a delight to see!

Their friendly staff is quick to offer signature dishes and house favorites. Break your usual meal routine and ask for their lightly breaded catfish. It’s a catch!

Best Dining Options in Silver Dollar City

Buckshot’s Skillet Cookery

Skillets, wraps, sandwiches, barbecue, any takers? Buckshot’s Skillet Cookery has everything for the whole family. You can watch the kitchen crew while they’re preparing customers’ orders while waiting. One of their best sellers is the Family Feud Succotash placed on a giant iron skillet. See for yourself!

Lucky Silver Mine Restaurant

Hooray, Buffet!

Check out the tasty menu of Mine Restaurant, or also famously known as the Lucky Silver Mine Restaurant, served in a home-style buffet. It’s like an adventure meal because the restaurant is underground. But, the place is airconditioned, so no worries there.

Some would say that the place is a tribute to the hardworking miners in the city. Quite something, isn’t it?

Riverside Ribhouse

Did someone say barbecue? Riverside Ribhouse is right on the spot!

Their smoky barbecue is known and sought for around the Ozarks because of the sumptuous effect that it has on every customer’s meal. A few of their must-try specialties are Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, and Baby Back Ribs. My best pick has to be the Hickory Smoked Chicken. You surely can’t get enough of every bite.

Dockside Grill

The Dockside Grill happened to be the first place that caught my attention while we were off to the theaters. Their Golden Breaded Chicken Strips with Fresh Potato Chips is downright satisfying. Well, not only because I love fried chicken, but it sure made the movie experience a perfect one.

Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory

Of course, we can’t skip dessert! There’s truly nothing like home-churned ice cream. You can’t say that vanilla’s not a real flavor when it’s one of the classic favorites and best-sellers in Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory. Mix vanilla with strawberry, and it’s going to change your life. Well, it’s a refreshing touch for a tiring afternoon of a few mixed adventures, but yes, it surely has a way to lighten your mood.

Cokes and Floats

If you ever get thirsty while going around Silver Dollar City, look for Cokes and Floats, and they will serve you up with a dose of quenching fountain drinks of your choice! Grab a snack, too!

More to Explore in Branson

There are over 300 restaurants in Branson, MO. Find more of them as you explore the whole city with your wanderlust heart. We certainly did!

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